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Filtakleen Bypass Filters

About Filtakleen

Filtakleen Bypass Filters were invented to work in conjunction with the full-flow filter. These systems continuously filter 10% of the oil in the circuit providing additional filtration and prolonging the life of both the oil and the ordinary full-flow filter itself. 


The filter housing is manufactured as a one-piece aluminum anodized body that is powder-coated, making it applicable for all environments and offering total durability. The lid is secured by a single high tensile bolt, making the cover removable and the filter changing simple. The cap houses a quad-ring seal giving it a leak-proof sealing.

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1-Micron Filtration

Filtakleen Filter Elements are made from cellulose fiber-based tissue of genuine pulp around a cardboard core. The cartridge is housed in a nylon stocking with an impressive brass ring to facilitate cartridge removal. The housing is fitted using an adjustable mounting bracket for a wide range of filter positions and fixing points.


The filter is capable of filtering all types of oils with a viscosity range of 9-22cst. It is also suitable for use with other bio-fuels and diesel-electric fluid. The Filtakleen Bypass Oil filter is an ultra-fine 1-micron bypass filtration system suitable for use with a wide range of equipment.


It provides quality filtration protection against system wear, oil degradation, rust, and corrosion. While integrated with the full-flow filter, Filtakleen filters all the oil in the system several times an hour, so the system continuously receives clean oil.

The standard operating pressure of the bypass filter is approximately 5 bar. The manifold incorporates a pressure valve, which is factory set at 65psi/4.45bar. The manifold has a test point for the attachment of fluid monitoring equipment. A pressure gauge is available as an option.


Filtakleen bypass units are appropriate for industrial compressors, gasoline engines of all types, including for cars, pickups, and delivery trucks, and diesel engines of all kinds, including for pickups and delivery trucks, and diesel engines for large delivery and over-the-road trucking, marine, construction, and mining applications.


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