What is a bypass fuel filter?

A bypass fuel filter is a brand new self-sustainable filter introduced in the US to clean dirty fuel in your equipment and recycle it back to your engine in a clean state.

5X more fuel efficiency

Removes soot particulates that cause emissions

Combust Bypass Fuel Filters

The Combust Bypass Filters range in sizes from 5inches to 12 inches and are retrofitted on any medium to heavy-duty vehicle including city buses, trains, school buses, and cement trucks to name a few. This innovative filter acts as a personal assistant to your primary full flow filter so need to worry about it being a replacement. As many folks know, the primary filter has a low micron rating at about 40 so it leaves behind solid contamination such as dirt, paint chips, small rocks, colloid carbon, wax crystals, sludge, asphaltines, and rust. This combination of mixed contamination wreaks havoc on your engine leading to early engine failure and costly repairs. 

Another type of contamination is immobile contamination such as water, microbial growth, and air. These contaminants are formed from leaks, dirty fuel tanks prior to fuel transfer, and contaminants already in the water. Now the big question is: how does my equipment benefit from a fuel filter? Simple. The Combust Bypass fuel Filter uses unrefined "organic" coalescer cellulose media that continuously cycles the fuel for periodic polishing without interfering with any additives with a 99.1% dirt holding capacity. Since the Combust Bypass Filter polishes lubricants and diesel fuel at an exceptionally low flow rate, installing this filter will not impede the OEM filter's operation.

In-Line Fuel Filter

Yes, our Combust Bypass Filter can also be installed as an in-line filter for fuel storage tanks! The bypass filter works the same way as if it was installed on a diesel truck by recycling immobile fuel.


While industries move across the “Green Standard,” the Bypass Fuel Filters adhere to stringent ISO regulations by drawing out Nitrogen Oxides, Hydrocarbons, Methane, and Carbon Dioxide that lays dormant in fuel from before the transfer.


Additional Benefits

While the Combust Fuel Filters were granted a US Patent, they can also be used with a bypass oil filter and bypass hydraulic filter at the same time for maximum cleanliness. Our unmatched kidney loop fuel system can also be retrofitted to marine vessels, military tanks, gas dispensing pumps, mining equipment, and other various diesel or gas applications. Combust Fuel Filters do not filter out and additive packaging with simple installation. If you need more information about our fuel filter, please contact us.