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Custom-Built Filtration Vessel

Capital Filtrations Inc recognizes the importance of keeping underground storage tanks free of impurities, which is why we supply Custom Combust Fuel Filtrations Vessels. Each vessel is equipped with patented cellulose material to remove 100% water, including emulsified water and acids. Combust Vessels are custom-built to fit all your fuel filtration needs, and the flow capacity can be adjusted for several gallons per minute or hundreds.

Combust vessels do not filter out any fuel additives to maintain the required viscosity and alerts the operator that the filter element is nearing capacity. This is done by slowing down the fuel flow, causing a rise in the pressure gauge's pressure detection.

Filtration Process

Suction and return lines are installed into the storage tank to establish a closed-loop filtration process.

Fuel is drawn into the filtration process and forced through the patented integrity series filter.

The covalent bonding begins to trap and remove particulates, emulsified water, free-standing water.

The clean fuel is then returned to the storage tank, where the process begins again.

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Oil Analysis Program

Our fuel analysis program from Apex Oil Lab can significantly impact your operation's productivity, reliability, efficiency, and bottom line. For every component, results will identify the lubricant condition, contaminants, and wear.

What We Test For

Moisture contamination that causes bacterial growth and sludge.

Specific Gravity Test to help determine if fuel has been compromised with gas.

Spectral Exam for hazardous elements that might be present