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High-Quality American Made Coolant Oil Chillers

Capital Filtrations Inc offers a complete line of oil and coolant chillers for many applications not limited to Machine Tool Coolants and Oils, Medical Equipment, Linear Motors, Hydrostatic Bearings, Lasers, X-Ray Equipment, EDM, High-Speed Spindles, and Hydraulics.

Turmoil Coolant Oil Chiller provides the precise temperature control of recirculating coolants that is necessary for precision machining and reliable equipment operation.

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Coolant Oil Chillers


R- Closed Loop Chillers

Self-Contained Recirculating

Closed-Loop chillers recirculate coolant from a tank mounted on board the chiller, through a sealed coolant loop and heat source (process), and back to the tank. The tank, pump, and evaporator are all on board the chiller.

RO- Open Loop Chillers

Recirculate Fluid from a Remote Tank

Open-Loop chillers recirculate fluid from a remote tank, through the chiller, and back to the tank. The chiller works to maintain a constant fluid temperature in the tank. The pump and evaporator are on board the chiller. The tank is remote.

IL- In-Line Chillers

Installed "In-Line"

In-Line chillers cool fluid that is passing through under pressure. Only the evaporator is in the chillers. Both the pump and tank are remote.

These chillers are often used in applications where it is advantageous to have the pump mounted on or near the tank to recirculate fluid through the chiller and back to the tank.


DI- Drop-In Chillers

Cool Fluids in a Tank

Drop-In coolers are designed to be mounted on top of a tank to cool the fluid that is surrounding the coils. The stainless steel immersion coil type evaporator is submerged into the fluid in the tank. A small agitation pump continuously moves the fluid around the evaporator coils ensuring proper heat transfer. The temperature controller senses the fluid temperature and controls the chillers cycling to maintain the fluid in the tank at the set-point.

PT- Process Tank Chillers

Two Loop Chiller

The PT Model Chiller Uses Two pumps with one process tank. One pump circulates coolant through the evaporator to maintain a constant tank temperature, while a second pump circulates coolant from the process tank (on-board chiller) through the process and then back to the process tank.
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