Dehydrators & Purifiers

The PH2oenix Membrane Oil Dehydrator and Purifier do not use disposable water-absorbing filters that require constant changing but instead dehydrate the water from the oil using a proprietary maintenance-free hollow fiber technology and online miniature vacuum source unlimited water removal capability.

Portable and compact, so it can squeeze into spaces normal dehydrators cannot. It also has very few moving parts compared to standard dehydrators, and its set-and-forget design makes it as simple and easy to use as a filter cart.

The PHoenix versatility means that it can also be used as an oil transfer and or oil filter cart when it is not used to remove water from contaminated lube or hydraulic systems. If supplied with the optional Aquatrex or MTrak moisture monitoring systems, then the PHoenix can also become a diagnostic tool for tracking intermittent water ingression into reservoirs and alerting operators of potential problems like worsening seal leaks or coolant leaks.


Mini, C, C4, and C8 NEMA 4


X Series Oil Purifiers


Electric and Compresses Air EX Series


Compressed Air Driven Series


All Single Phase Electric




SHD Filter Skid