Effective Date of 16 CFR Parts 701 and 702
700.12 Effective Date of 16 CFR parts 701 and 702
The Statement of Basis and Purpose of the final rules promulgated on December 31, 1975, provides that parts 701 and 702 of this chapter will become effective one year after the date of promulgation, December 31, 1976. The Commission intends this to mean that these rules apply only to written warranties on products manufactured after December 31, 1976.
700.1 Products Covered
700.2 Date of Manufacturer
700.3 Written Warranty
700.4 Parties "actually making" a Written Warranty
700.5 Expressions of General Policy
700.6 Designation of Warranties
700.7 Use of Warranty Registration Cards
700.8 Warrantor's decision as Final
700.9 Duty to install under a full warranty
700.10 Prohibited Tying
700.11 Written Warranty, Service Contract, and insurance distinguished for purposes of compliance under the Act
700.12 Effective Date of 16 CFR parts 701 and 702