About Us

Capital Filtrations Inc is a private minority-owned corporation incepted in 2009 and based in Austin, TX. We primarily focus on energy-efficient solutions with freecycling filters and environmentally sound additives to extend the life of aqueous & non-aqueous liquids. To summarize, these systems make it possible to meet ISO cleanliness ratings.

Our business principles are founded on three green philosophy goals:

  1. B2B Self-Sustainability

  2. Consistent Green Values (CGV)

  3. Resource Conservation 

Conjointly, these goals are designed with a forward-thinking attitude to integrate the industrial trade with eco-friendly results. Capital Filtrations Inc believes cities, municipalities, governments, and organizations can meet the demand for green energy.


Our Mission

“We aspire to be a leader in recycling and the reduction of waste filters and waste oil. We also look forward to being part of the drive to create new technologies that will better the world we live in and is one of the many corporations that helps educate the new generation about the importance of being "green".


-CEO, Michael White.

Core Values


12 years supplying green energy products.


We strive to protect the environment.


We create eco conscious solutions.

Core Values