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CleanBoost Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid is fully formulated, thermally stable, non-zinc, and anti-wear hydraulic oil made for high and low pressure hydraulic systems industrial and mobile applications. Bio-Hydraulic Oils can be an alternative to mineral-based hydraulic fluids where good low-temperature properties, improved oxidation stability, low toxicity, and fluid biodegradation properties are required.


An exceptional performance in terms of lubrication and biodegradability.

CleanBoost Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid

    • Biodegrdable
    • EPA Approved
    • (Combustion Technologies USA, LLC)
    • ISO46 Certified
    • Easy clean up when spilled
    • Biodegradable via CEC/Strum test method
    • Superior hydrolytic stability
    • Excellent EP performance
    • Outstanding oxidative stability
    • Excellent rust protection
    • Does not contain heavy metals
    • Good for low temperature properties
    • Great anti-wear performance
    • Contains a unique combination of metal passivator, demulsifiers, rust inhibitor, and defoamer for longer component and fluid life
    • Testing shows in the marine industry, the oil sheen is not visible and helps protect the environment
    • Widely recommended for marine applications or where a water-front or marine life would be affected if a hydraulic failure occurred
    • Marine applications
    • Mining
    • Construction
    • Municipalities with snow plows vehicles, waste management trucks, oil field equipment, mining equipment, and more
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