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CleanBoost Diesel Duty 15w40 has an alkaline reserve (TBN) that effectively protects bearings and other engine surfaces from the corrosive effect of acids formed by sulfur fuels' combustion. It is recommended for extended drain service when suggested by the original equipment manufacturer and or when using one of our Bypass filtration systems. (Note: always use oil analysis to determine the life of your motor oil as well as the condition of your equipment).


CleanBoost Diesel Duty 15w40 is a blend of highly refined base oils and specially selected additives designed to provide excellent performance in all recommended applications. It contains effective detergent-dispersant to keep sludge and varnish deposits to a minimum and also uses our Mettle Plus technology to help reduce friction and protect moving parts within the engine.


It is additionally fortified with oxidation-corrosion inhibitors, high-temperature anti-wear additives, and foam inhibitors to protect vital engine parts from scuffing and protect bearings from corrosion.

CleanBoost Diesel Duty 15w40 exceeds the Service Classifications CI-4/SL, SAE grades 30 & 40 exceed CF/CF-2/SL. These products are recommended for diesel engines using high sulfur or low sulfur fuels. Also recommended for use as "extended drain" motor oil.


CleanBoost 15w40 Diesel Duty Oil works excellent for Mining, Drilling, Stationary Gensets, and more.​

CleanBoost Biodegradable 15w40 Motor Oil

SKU: 21554345656
    • High TBN/Alkaline Reserve – Effectively neutralizes corrosive acids to protect bearings and other vital engine surfaces
    • Minimizes ash deposits in combustion chamber and valve surfaces
    • Highly oxidation stable – Protects engine against sludge and varnish deposits
    • High alkaline reserve permits extending drain interval to maximum allowed by engine manufacturer
    • Effective anti-scuff additive protects cam lobes and other highly loaded parts from wear
    • 14 TBN exceeds Caterpillar's 10 TBN minimum requirement.
    • Designed to meet 2002 emission standards through 2013 standards
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