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CleanBoost Diesel Rescue the only formula out there that re-liquifies gelled diesel fuel. It thaws out frozen fuel filters (mostly filled with ice, water, and solidified fuel). It prevents fuel filter icing while removing water from the fuel system.


Finally, it extends the life of frozen or gelled fuel filters, injectors, and pumps. CleanBoost Diesel Rescue is an effective emergency De-Gel product in all diesel fuels, including ULSD (ultra-low sulfur diesel).


By re-liquefying gelled fuel, it enables the system to work appropriately and fuel to run normally. This extends the life of fuel filters, injectors, and pumps that are generally not designed to work with gelled or gelling/solidified fuel.

CleanBoost Diesel Rescue

    • Biodegradable
    • EPA Registered
    • (Combustion Technologies USA, LLC)
    • Re-liquefies gelled fuel
    • Thaws frozen fuel filters
    • Prevents fuel filter icing
    • Extends the life of fuel filters, injectors and pumps
    • Effective in all diesel fuels, ULSD & bio-fuels
    • Increases cetane numbers of the fuel
    • Helps with starting diesel engine in extreme cold weather conditions
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