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CleanBoost Fuel Powder Additive is designed to dramatically reduce particulate carbon emissions while giving the fuel a chance to burn more in the combustion chamber. When added to the fuel, CleanBoost Fuel Powder helps to have an efficient combustion process and boosts diesel applications. This unique biodegradable product benefits the environment by reducing the hazardous emissions and smoke expelled by engines or burners.

CleanBoost Fuel Powder Additive

    • 1 bag treats  5000 gallons of diesel fuel
    • Ideal for diesel and gasoline applications
    • Decreases fuel consumption
    • Reduces CO, NOx, SOx, HC, and carbon particulate emissions
    • Lowers exhaust temperatures
    • Create cleaner, longer lasting oil, which leads to reduced engine wear and extended equipment life
    • Removes deposits on valves and valve stems and in fuel pumps and injectors
    • Improves fuel economy
    •  Increases octane when used In gasoline engine applications
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