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Cleanboost 20w50 will reduce piston skirt, cylinder wear, and bearing deformation due to the oil's unique makeup. All internals & component life can be extended. CleanBoost will reduce oxidation in the oil, allowing for more extended component & engine life, mainly when cylinder wash-down occurs due to extreme fueling requirements.


CleanBoost racing oils are designed to treat and protect the moving parts of an internal combustion engine, creating an outer pressure boundary layer between moving parts, with as much as ten times the film strength of other leading racing oil brands. CleanBoost 20w50 forms a covalent, galvanic bond to the metal allowing a 2 to 4-micron penetration into the metal, creating less friction & heat.


Our motor oils contain no solvents, plastics, graphite, boron, Teflon or chlorine, keeping your engine’s internal parts clean and performing like they should.

CleanBoost Biodegradable 20w50 Racing Oil

SKU: 671253175371
    • No Solvents
    • No Plastics
    • No Graphite
    • No Boron
    • No Teflon
    • No Chlorine
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