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CleanBoost Silver is safe for all diesel engines, including high-pressure fuel systems, EGR, and DEF applications. It works in all grades of diesel, including Biodiesel, ULSD, and winter blends, at a treatment ratio of 1:1000. One 16-oz bottle will treat up to 110 gallons of fuel.


CleanBoost Silver is designed to work with #1 and #2 Diesel Fuels and B5, B10, and B20 Bio-Diesels to reduce pour points and stop gelling in cold weather climates. CleanBoost Silver can be used year-round for both summer and winter blend fuels. CleanBoost Silver will increase lubricity on ULSD fuels and help protect injectors and injector O-rings and help with fuel economy with the same chemistry as our CleanBoost Gold formula.

CleanBoost Silver

    • Biodegradable
    • EPA Registered
    • (Combustion Technologies USA, LLC)
    • Year round fuel condition for better fuel economy
    • Reduces Opacity
    • Inhibits growth of wax crystals in storage tanks and equipment
    • Improves CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) behavior
    • Reduces need to use kerosene dilution for flow control
    • Helps diesels start in cold weather environments
    • Improves Fuel Economy and keeps fuel system clean
    • Helps reduce emissions
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