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Combust Tank Breather Filters prevent contamination from the ambient air in lubrication and fuel storage tank applications. In addition, our tank filters reduce moisture from entering into your fuel and lubrication storage tanks, utilizing the same technology as in our Combust Fuel Filters.


Great for stationary as well as mobile applications such as lube trucks, fueling trucks, and more. Circulating air contains moisture and particulates that can cause corrosion, increase equipment wear, and reduce fluid performance.

Combust Tank Breather Filter (1/2" NPT)

    • Eliminates rust-forming condensation
    • Prevents sludge deposits and water contamination in the fluid
    • Reduce wear and tear on equipment
    • Provides longer oil and fuel life
    • Threaded for easy installation
    • Air filtration and water removal
    • Breathers protect your system by filtering out damaging moisture and particles
    • Used for stationary tanks or mobile equipment
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