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CleanBoost NanoTane HFO (has been renamed from our original name of Carbonex HFO) is a concentrated, fuel-borne combustion catalyst for industrial boilers of all sizes. It improves the combustion of all grades of heavy, residual fuel oils. NanoTane HFO works in the later stages of the combustion cycle, catalytically enhancing the combustion of hard-to-burn fuel molecules.


Improved combustion converts more fuel into valuable energy, translating into reduced fuel consumption, better boiler performance at reduced levels of excess air, less particulate emissions, and reduced maintenance requirements. By eliminating soot and black smoke at the source, NanoTane HFO reduces carbon deposits and improves heat exchangers' thermal efficiency. Maintenance schedules can also be extended. NanoTane HFO is safe to use with all boilers.

CleanBoost Nano-Tane HFO 55 Gallon Drum

    • For standard grades of marine residual fuel oils, the recommended dosage rate of NanoTane is 1: 5,000 or 1 liter per 5 tonnes of fuel. During the first week of treatment, a higher dosage rate of 1: 4,000 is recommended.

    • When calculating the amount of additive required for an initial treatment, it is necessary to include enough NanoTane to dose the untreated fuel already in the fuel system and tanks, in addition to dosing the incoming delivery of fuel oil.

  • CleanBoost Nano-Tane works great when a # 6 or #8 Fuel is being used for electrical generation or in a mining application where # 2 Diesel is not available.

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