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mounting base for SO-412 (3 micron)


Note that connecting base to source with a higher psi than the rating can cause serious damage to element and/ or component.

Each base is made with an orifice to control the flow rate. Standard orifice for lube or engine applications is .75 gpm and 1 gpm for transmission or hydraulic applications. Engine lube orifice size should be no more than 10-15% of engine oil sump.


This filter operates on the bypass or partial flow principle. It is designed to work in conjunction with any factory installed full flow filter, if so equipped. When using the SO-412 element, filtration down to 1 micron is possible. With the SO-412, drain intervals can be extended and component life will be greatly increased.

SO-412 Mounting Base

    • R14-0101 (for engine applications 0-100 psi)
    • R14-0100 (for transmission applications 100-600 psi) 
    • R14-0099 (for hydraulic applications 600-3000 psi) 
    • R14-0098 (for hydraulic applications 2000-6000 psi) 
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