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Winco Tractor Driven PTO Generator - 50PTOT4-03, 40 kW Continuous, 1000 RPM, Single-Phase, 120-240 Volt.


Our new TPH260 three point hitch has been engineered from start to finish at our facility, using the highest quality components. Please note, the PTO shaft is sold separately. THIS KIT WORKS BEST IF THE TRACTOR PTO SHAFT HEIGHT FROM THE GROUND IS NO MORE THAN 19.5”


Spec Sheet

Winco 50kW 50PTO

SKU: 205014-031
  • Starting at 50,000 standby watts, this 50PTO is a single phase with a 1000RPM gearcase.

    Rugged Design

    Our own WINCO gearcases have proven their strength and durability for over 60 years and will keep doing so into the future.

    Low Harmonic Distortion

    Provides clean power for both farm and home.

    Frequency Meter

    A large 3 1/2″ frequency meter ensures the proper output.

    Premium Circuit Breakers

    Providing clear and instant identification of a tripped circuit.

    Protective PTO Shield

    Safety is always a priority. 5-Wire Anderson Full Power Plug Included

    100% Load Tested

    You won’t find statistical sampling here. We load test every generator before it leaves our facility.

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