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50kW 3-Phase 120/240V 540 RPM PTO Generator.


Spec Sheet

Winco 50PTOC4-17

SKU: 205054-171
    • 42,000 Continuous Watts; 50,000 Watts Standby 
    • Pairs with a 100 HP tractor engine, providing PTO power to operate within specification.
    • Connection friendly design uses a 1 3/8 inch six spline connection at the generator to connect to the tumble bar (T-bar) drive shaft (add at checkout)
    • 100% copper windings, rotating field brushless type design, and the Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) with auxiliary winding provide Winco PTO generator owners stronger motor starting capacity and a longer operating life
    • Heavy duty bar and ring shell, maintenance-free single bearing, rugged cast iron gear casing, helical gears, and a protective steel PTO guard shield are but a few of the Winco quality attributes loyal operators count on for reliability, durability, and return on investment
    • Rodent protection as just about every agricultural environment is home to many critters just looking for trouble
    • Ground lug for protection when storms hit
    • Line bored as mated pair to within 3/1000th of an inch 
    • Optional 1000 RPM gear case upgrade, PTO drive shaft, PTO trailer kit, and manual transfer switches available 
    • Operator friendly large Frequency Meter makes monitoring and adjusting power from the tractor seat simple
    • Full power Anderson receptacle mounted on generator and plug (shipped with generator) makes harnessing the total potential power of the generator easy
    • Convenience Receptacle Package Available:
    • NEMA 5-20R (120 Volt, 1-Phase)
    • NEMA 6-50R (240 Volt, 1-Phase)
    • 2 Wire Plug, Provides L-L Voltage
    • Anderson Full Power Plug (240 Volt, 3-Phase)
    • Full power receptacle cover lip protects the receptacles from the elements
    • 3 Year Warranty standard
  • Model / Part Number

    500PTOC4-17 / 205054-171

    Max Watts

    50 kW

    Max Amps

    150A (0.8 pf)


    120/240V @ 60Hz




    Single bearing, 2/3 pitch rotor, Class H

    Generator Speed

    1800 rpm

    Shaft Diameter

    1-3/8" 6 SPLINE

    Input Drive Speed

    540 rpm


    1-20A 120V Duplex 5-20R, 1-50A 240V 6-50R, 1-Full power Anderson receptacle

    Motor Starting Ability

    22.5 hp (Code G capacitor start motor)

    Dimensions LxWxH (inches)

    41 x 20 x 27

    Shipping Weight

    745 lbs.


    3 year

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