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Winco Generators 205014-171 Model 50PTOT4-17 Power Take-Off PTO Generator, 1000 RPM Operating Speed, 50000 Standby Watts, 42000 Continuous Watts, 120 Standby Amp, 101 Continuous Amp, 120/240 Volt Three Phase, 22.5 HP Motor Starting, 175 Amp Main Circuit Breaker, Neutral Bonded, Ground Lug, 1800 RPM Generator Speed, Automatic Voltage Control, Class H Insulation, Low Harmonic Distortion, Frequency Meter, Premium Circuit Breakers, Protective PTO Shield, 5-Wire Anderson Full Power Plug Included, 100% Load Tested.


Spec Sheet

Winco 50PTOT4-17

SKU: 205014-171
    • Rugged 1000 rpm Winco gearcase with 1 3/8″ 6-Spline input shaft size
    • Receptacle panel with two 120V 20A 5-20R, one 240V 50A 6-50R, and a full power Anderson receptacle. Anderson plug also included.
    • 175A main line circuit breaker
    • Automatic Voltage Regulation: +/- 1%
    • Frequency meter
    • Protective PTO shield
    • Neutral bonded
    • Ground lug
    • Three year limited warranty.
    • Uses 54961 PTO Shaft (Generator connection: 1 3/8″ 6-spline; Tractor connection: 1 3/8″ 21-spline)
    • Optional TDM80 Trailer Kit available.
    • Optional TPH260 3-Point Hitch Kit and compatible 54328 PTO Shaft available.
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