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We are excited to enter the Tier IV Final market! Our DE23 has new features, such as a standard DSE7310 controller, the new Isuzu 4LE2T series engine, service access on one side, Electronic Common Rail, and radiator ducting, spray foam, roofing, agricultural applications to name a few.


Spec Sheet

Winco DE23

  • Isuzu 4LE2T 2.2 Liter Engine
    Dependable 4 cylinders, 1800 RPM engine. EPA compliant, tier 4 final.

    Deep-Sea 7310 MKII Controller
    Our digital controller is powerful and dynamic with a user-friendly interface.

    Stamford Generator End
    Alternators are built to produce clean power for industrial applications.

    Battery Charger
    Factory-installed 3 stages, 2 Amp battery charger.

    Block Heater
    In-line Kim Hotstart, 120V, block heater with thermostat.

    Powder Coat Paint
    Provides a durable, long-lasting finish.

    Starting Battery Included
    12V Group 24 650 CCA Battery

    UL2200 Listed
    A safety standard for the design, construction, and performance of stationary generators.

    100% Load Tested
    We load test every generator before it leaves our factory.

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