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This newly designed genset includes the YourGen meter and Industrial Kohler KD440 engine. We have engineered the panel and fuel pump to be installed on either side of the generator set, making it adaptable to your individual application.


Spec Sheet

Winco EC6010DR

SKU: 19006-000
  • Kohler KD440 Engine

    This diesel engine has the reliability and longevity you’ve
    come to expect from Kohler.

    YourGen Meter

    LED meter displaying hours, RPMs, voltage, and freuency
    readings. Verifies the load balance with a load bar display.
    Warnings when a parameter is outside of normal range and
    when an oil change is needed.

    Movable Panel and Fuel Pump

    The panel and fuel pump can be installed on either side of the
    generator set to fit your application.

    Low Oil Protection

    In the event there is low oil pressure, the engine will shut down,
    which will protect the engine from damage.

    Premium Circuit Breakers

    Providing clear and instant identification of a tripped circuit.

    100% Load Tested

    You won’t find statistical sampling here. We load test every
    generator before it leaves our facility.

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