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Powered by an industrial PSI engine, the PSS150 is both reliable and fuel-efficient. The industrial Stamford generator end produces exceptionally clean and stable power. Available with or without an enclosure. SKU: PSS150


The DSE8610 MKII represents the latest in complex load sharing & synchronizing control technology. The module has been designed to allow the operator to start, stop and synchronize the generator. If required, transfer the load to the generator either manually or automatically.


Spec Sheet

Winco PSS150/A

  • PSI 8.8L Industrial Engine

    The 8-cylinder, overhead valve engine meets EPA/CARB emission regulations.

    Stamford Generator End

    Industrial grade generator ends.

    Adjustable Circuit Breaker

    Adjusts for switching between voltages.

    Battery Charger

    Factory-installed 3 stages, 2 Amp battery charger.

    Block Heater

    In-line Kim Hotstart, 120V, block heater with thermostat.

    DSE7310 MKII

    Our digital controller is powerful and dynamic with a user-friendly interface.

    Galvanealed Steel Weather Enclosure

    Our weather enclosures provide sound reduction while our powder coat paint provides a durable, long-lasting finish.

    100% Load Tested

    We load test every generator before it leaves our factory.

    WINCO Warranty

    1 yr/1000 hrs; Engine warranty: 3 yrs/3500 hrs

  • Watts LP

    120/240 1-Ph: 125,000
    120/208 3-Ph: 125,000
    120/240 3-Ph: 125,000
    277/480 3-Ph: 125,000

    Watts NG

    120/240 1-Ph: 125,000
    120/208 3-Ph: 150,000
    120/240 3-Ph: 150,000
    277/480 3-Ph: 150,000

    Amps LP

    120/240 1-Ph: 520
    120/208 3-Ph: 521
    120/240 3-Ph: 450
    277/480 3-Ph: 266

    Amps NG

    120/240 1-Ph: 520
    120/208 3-Ph: 434
    120/240 3-Ph: 375
    277/480 3-Ph: 188

    Voltage Output

    120/208 Volt Three Phase, 120/240 Volt Single Phase, 120/240 Volt Three Phase, 277/480 Volt Three Phase, 346/600 Volt Three Phase

    Voltage Regulation

    AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)

    Engine Brand





    EPA Standby

    Enclosed Dimensions

    132" x 52.73" x 72.2"

    Open Skid Dimensions

    117" x 52.73" x 72.1"


    4700 lbs.

    Unit Warranty

    2 yr/2000 hrs

    Assembled In


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