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WINCO W10PTOS tractor driven PTO generator is designed to start motors and to keep your farming, agricultural, hobby farm, or ranch operation running even when the main grid power is out or you need remote power around your barns, buildings, or on the "back 40."

Winco W10PTO 120/240 1-PH 515 RPM

SKU: 99840-003
    • 10,000 Watts
    • Pairs with 20 HP tractor engine providing PTO power to operate within specification
    • Connection friendly design uses a 1 3/8 inch 6 splined connection at the generator to connect to the tumble bar (T-bar) drive shaft (add at checkout)
    • 100% copper windings, revolving field brushless alternator type design provide Winco PTO generator owners stronger motor starting capacity, longer operating life, and smooth clean electricity boasting a total harmonic distortion of less than 5% 
    • The heavy duty steel mounting base, maintenance free bearings, rugged cast iron gear casing, helical gears, and a protective steel PTO guard shield are but a few of the Winco quality attributes loyal operators count on for reliability, durability, and return on investment
    • Rodent protection as just about every farm environment is home to many critters just looking for trouble
    • Ground lug for protection when storms hit
    • Line bored as mated pair to within 3/1000th of an inch 
    • Optional PTO drive shaft, PTO trailer kit, and manual transfer switches available 
    • Operator friendly large voltmeter makes monitoring and adjusting power from the tractor seat simple
    • Full power receptacle is mounted on the control panel and (1) 60 Amp NEMA 14-60P plug is included, making it easy to harness the generator's total potential power 
  • Running Watts


    Running Amps


    Voltage Output

    120/240 Volt Single Phase

    Voltage Regulation


    120V Receptacles

    (1) NEMA 5-20 20A Duplex

    120/240V Receptacles

    (1) NEMA 14-60 60A

    Required HP at Tractor PTO


    PTO Input Speed



    25.1" x 13.375" x 20.8"


    156 lbs.

    Unit Warranty

    1 Year

    Assembled In


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