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Winco has provided this 3-phase 120 kW PTO generator to supply backup or portable electricity for hog confinements, dairy operations, farm buildings, bins, shops, homes, or other agricultural operations.


Spec Sheet


Winco W120FPTOS-18

SKU: 64868-012
    • Automatic Voltage Regualtion +/-1.5%
    • Cast iron gear case with 1000 RPM 1 3/4″ splined input shaft
    • Premium Square D circuit breakers
    • Large 3.5” Frequency meter
    • 5-Wire Anderson full power plug included
    • Protective PTO shield
    • Lifting eye
    • Three year limited warranty
    • Uses SA12310 or SA12311 PTO Shaft
    • Optional TDM77 PTO Trailer available
  • Surge Start Watts 120,000.0
    Continuous Rated Watts 117,000.0
    Phase 3-Phase
    Voltage 277, 480 3-Phase
    Rated Amps @ 480 Volts (3-Phase) 180
    PTO Input RPM Speed 1000
    Tractor HP Required 240
    Motor Starting HP Rating 50
    Generator To Drive Shaft T-Bar Connection 1 3/4 Inch 20 Splined Input Shaft
    Frequency 60 Hz
    Poles 4
    Voltage Regulation +/- 1.5%
    Total Harmonic Distortion Less Than 5%
    Circuit Breakers 175 Amp
    Bonded Neutral (Y/N) Bonded Neutral To Ground
    Control Panel Display Yes, Frequency Meter
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