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The Winco W165FPTOT-18 3-phase 165,000 watt PTO generator is designed to keep your large farming, industrial agricultural, ranch operation, dairy operations running even when the main grid power is out or your need remote power around your barns, buildings, etc.


Spec Sheet


Winco W165FPTOS-18

SKU: 64868-015
    • Automatic Voltage Regualtion +/-1.5%
    • Cast iron gear case with 1000 RPM 1 3/4″ splined input shaft
    • Premium Square D circuit breakers
    • Large 3.5” Frequency meter
    • 5-Wire Anderson full power plug included
    • Protective PTO shield
    • Lifting eye
    • Three year limited warranty
    • Uses SA12320 PTO Shaft
    • Optional TDM77 PTO Trailer available
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