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WINCO has designed the W85FPTOS to provide standby and prime power and start motors to keep your farm, industrial ag, or ranch operation running even when the main grid power is out or you need remote power around your barns, buildings, etc.


Spec Sheet

Winco W85PTOS-03/F

SKU: 64864-010
  • Product Features
    Low Harmonic Distortion and provides clean power for both farm and home.

    Cast Iron Gearcase with Helical Gears
    A 1000 RPM operating speed makes for effective operation.

    Frequency Meter
    A large 3 1/2″ frequency meter ensures the proper output.

    Premium Circuit Breakers
    Providing clear and instant identification of a tripped circuit.

    Protective PTO Shield
    Safety is always a priority. 4-Wire Anderson Full Power Plug Included. You supply the 4/0 THHN, we provide the plug.

    100% Load Tested
    You won’t find statistical sampling here. We load test every generator before it leaves our facility.

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