Gas Engines

Since 1906

Purposely designed for the oil and gas industry’s most challenging and remote environments, our earliest technologies are still among your best performers.​ Waukesha Gas Engines are used for many trucks, tractors, heavy equipment, automobile, boat, ship, and engine-generator manufacturers.


275GL + W/ESM2 Engine

The 275GL+ with ESM2, available in 12-cylinder or 16-cylinder models, provides a high-performance and economical alternative for customers in the most remote and rugged applications.

Waukesha’s newest generation of the 275GL+ with ESM2 gas engine provides optimum performance in gas compression and other mechanical drive applications. Combining improved power and enhanced efficiency, the 275GL+ with ESM2 meets the constant demand of today’s oil and gas industry.


Fewer Emissions

With the ability to operate on a variety of fuels and load profiles, improved fuel efficiency leads to low unburned methane and CO2 emissions. In addition, lower GHG emissions and a smaller carbon footprint to reduce the effect on the environment.