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Our Vision

Capital Filtrations Inc is committed to our clients by offering innovative technological solutions and striving to protect the environment. We use a combination of pollution control, equipment productivity, indoor air quality, power recovery, and more.

Our Story

Capital Filtrations Inc was founded by Michael White in 2009 as a Sole Proprietor company in Austin, TX. The company's primary focus was reducing greenhouse emissions with 1-micron and 3-micron bypass filters for diesel equipment. Since then, Capital Filtrations Inc became a corporation in 2011, followed by certifications from HUB, MBE, ACDBE, and SBE and being accepted as a TIPS Vendor.

Capital Filtrations Inc began expanding its product line with EPA-approved biodegradable fuel and oil treatments, custom vessels, portable and stationary filter carts, generators and parts, separation systems for machine-tool and metalworking industries, multi-pleated indoor air filters to fight against COVID-19, and lastly energy sources from Waukesha and Jenbacher.

We are continuing to grow and obtain multiple ISO Certifications for the future ahead of us.

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