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1-Micron Filtration

Filtakleen offers top-of-the-line oil filtration systems designed to maximize engine efficiency and longevity. Our filters effectively remove contaminants and water, maintaining optimal oil cleanliness for superior performance.


With Filtakleen, you benefit from reduced operational costs, minimal downtime, and extended engine life across various applications.


Why Choose Filtakleen?

Exceptional Contaminant Removal

Filtakleen filters are designed to remove contaminants down to sub-micron levels, ensuring your oil stays clean and your equipment runs smoothly.

Prolonged Engine Life

By maintaining oil cleanliness, Filtakleen helps extend engine lifespan, reducing the frequency of costly repairs and replacements.

Improved Efficiency

Experience better fuel economy and overall performance with Filtakleen’s advanced filtration technology, tailored to enhance operational efficiency.

Cost Savings

Reduce oil changes, minimize maintenance costs, and cut down on downtime with Filtakleen’s effective filtration solutions.

Versatile Applications

From automotive to industrial machinery, Filtakleen’s filtration systems are suited for a wide range of applications, providing dependable performance across sectors.

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Ultra-Fine Oil Filtration

The Filtakleen By-Pass Oil Filter delivers ultra-fine 1-micron filtration, providing the best protection against system wear, oil degradation, and corrosion. Working alongside your equipment's full-flow filter, it removes damaging particles, ensuring analytically clean oil flows through the system multiple times an hour.

Filtakleen's benefits include extended oil drain and filter change intervals, improved oil cooling, and increased filtration quality, which prolongs engine life. It efficiently removes small particles and soot, reduces the cost of oil and filters, and minimizes system wear by up to 90%, offering 100% water removal for optimal performance.

Enhances Oil Performance

Filtakleen is a 3-stage filtration system providing complete oil protection by removing ultra-fine debris and water.

Wear Protection

All Filtakleen units remove the sandpaper effect of fine particles and corrosion caused by the presence of water.

Increases Asset Life

The development of Filtakleen prevents fine-tolerance valves from sticking and increases the efficiency of the engine.

Quick and Easy

. The lid is removed by simply unscrewing the retaining bolt for an effortless way to replace the element.

Advanced Cartridge

Filtakleen hydraulic bypass filters are crafted from pure pulp cellulose fiber-based tissue around a robust cardboard core, enclosed in a nylon stocking with an impressed brass ring for easy removal. Featuring an adjustable mounting bracket, these filters provide flexible installation options with various fixing points.

Engineered to excel in a range of applications including marine engines, power generators, hydraulic systems, and industrial machinery, Filtakleen filters are capable of handling oils with viscosities from 9-220 cSt, as well as biofuels and dielectric fluids. Their durable design ensures reliable performance in hot, dusty, or wet environments, effectively removing contaminants and protecting key components to extend the life and enhance the reliability of your hydraulic systems.

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