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Combust Bypass Spin-On Filters

Combust spin-on filters work with many oils such as turbine, gears, hydraulic, synthetic, and diesel to name a few. Combust filters are designed for low to medium-pressure applications and can be installed into an existing system or kidney loop bypass system.

Combust's patented filtration media removes water, particulates, and acid content from the fluids. No other filter does this! The water is removed from a molecular level so filtering is done at ambient temperatures where no oil heating is required.

Advantages of using Combust


Heavy Duty Trucks

Light Trucks


Sanitation Trucks

Utility Trucks

Water Trucks

Oil & Gas Trucks

Heavy Equipment

Power Generators

Huge Power Diesel Engines


Marine Engines


Party Boats



Airport Equipment

Rail Equipment

Port Equipment

Mail Trucks

Train Engines


Dump Trucks  

Cement Trucks

Cement Pump Trucks

Tow Trucks

Buses (School, City, Commercial)

Huge Cranes

Mining Equipment

Diesel Transmissions

Any Hydraulic Systems

Industrial Lube Systems

Transformer Oil Systems

Thermal Oil Systems

Pulp & Paper Machines

Rubber Equipment

Industrial Oil Systems

Vegetable Oil Systems (Restaurants)

Military Engines & Equipment

Wind Turbines

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