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Filtamax Eco-Solutions

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Filtamax Eco-Solutions

Proactive Maintenance

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Filtamax Air Prekleen

Centrifugal air pre-cleaner is designed to remove dust and other contaminants from air intake before they reach the OEM air filter. 

Separ Bypass Fuel Filter

A 5-stage 10-micron centrifugal system that removes particulates and 100% of water from your fuel, protecting fuel pumps, fuel injectors, and nozzles.

Filtamax Bypass Filtration

Filters out more than 99% of contaminants, extending oil change intervals, thereby resulting in up to 80% less oil consumption and related costs.

Systematic Methodology

Filtamax products reduce CO2 (greenhouse gases) in fleets and all fluid systems, generators, and heavy equipment.


The Separ Bypass filter is also easy to install, operate and maintain, with a compact design that can fit even in tight spaces. Its durable construction ensures it can withstand harsh conditions, making it suitable for use in marine, industrial, and agricultural applications. In addition to protecting your engine from damage, a Separ Bypass Filter can also save you money by reducing maintenance costs and increasing fuel efficiency.


With cleaner fuel, your engine runs smoother and more efficiently, resulting in lower emissions and improved performance. Overall, a Separ Bypass Filter is a smart investment for any diesel engine owner who wants to ensure the longevity of their engine and save money on maintenance and fuel costs.

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This reduction in acid buildup helps prolong the life of the oil and the equipment it serves by preventing corrosion and wear. Filtamax By-Pass Oil Filter extends the life cycle of engine oils and equipment by as much as five times the normal service intervals. The Filtamax By-Pass Oil Filter system features a patented, high-capacity filter element that captures and holds more contaminants than traditional filters.


The filter element is also reusable, which reduces waste and decreases the cost of oil changes. Overall, Filtamax By-Pass Oil Filter is a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for improving the performance and extending the life of equipment and engine oils.


Filtamax PreKleen is a pre-filter that uses a centrifugal airflow design to remove dirt and dust particles from the air intake stream before it reaches the original OEM air filter. This reduces filter changes, and equipment downtime, increases engine life, and improves fuel efficiency. The PreKleen unit is simple to install, improves airflow, and prolongs filter life. It's suitable for a range of equipment types and industries.

Once the Filtamax PreKleen is installed, it removes contaminants from the air intake before they make it to the air filter. This extends the filter life by removing most particles that cause air intake resistance when caught in the filter. With less intake resistance, the engine operates more efficiently, thus using less fuel.

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