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Filtamax PreKleen is a centrifugal air pre- cleaner designed to pre-clean the intake air of your machinery, thus extending your air filter life. Filtamax PreKleen is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, and a non-rusting aluminum. It comes with a lifetime warranty, providing durable and long-lasting protection for your engines.


Filtamax PreKleen comes in different sizes that can handle a wide range of air intake flow rates (50 to 1600 C.F.M.). Filtamax PreKleen is also lightweight and the smallest stainless steel pre-filter solution on the market, allowing it to be fitted to a wide range of equipment.

Filtamax PreKleen FMP-50

  • Without Filtamax PreKleen, dust and contaminants from the air are captured in your equipment’s air filter. In a dirty environment, these particles fill the air filter to capacity in a short amount of time, thereby requiring air filter replacement in order for your equipment to perform properly.

    The installation of the Filtamax PreKleen helps to resolve this problem. Once the Filtamax PreKleen is installed, it removes contaminants from the air intake before they make it to the air filter. This extends the filter life by removing most particles that cause air intake resistance when caught in the filter. With less intake resistance, the engine operates more efficiently, thus using less fuel.

    Less dirt in the filter and fewer filter changes means less chance for dirt to enter the engine.

    Less restriction and cleaner air allows the engine to work more efficiently, leading to less wear and tear on the engine. When the engine lasts longer, your bottom-line profit is increased.

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