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The Combust Oil Canister is proven to provide 3-micron filtration to protect against engine wear, oil degradation, acidity, rust, and corrosion.


This simple no-wire spin-on canister holds up to 20 gallons of newly refined oil without interfering with additive packages. Combust Oil Canisters work in conjunction with your full-flow filter to increase equipment life, minimize downtime expenses, reduce emissions by removing soot, and extend oil change intervals.


The custom anodized bypass filter head suits all environments and offers long-lasting durability.


Additionally, the Combust Oil Canister is easy to install and maintain, with a built-in pressure relief valve for added safety. Its compact design also allows for easy retrofitting to existing equipment. Overall, the Combust Oil Canister is a cost-effective and reliable solution for protecting your engine and maximizing the performance of your equipment.


With its superior filtration capabilities and durable construction, it is the ideal choice for any application that requires high-quality oil filtration.

Combust CT-507SPC Oil Canister 20 Gallon

    • Brand: Combust
    • Manufacturer: Combustion Technologies USA, LLC
    • Canister: CT-507SPC (7")
    • Housing: Aluminum
    • Size: 20 gallons
    • Life Cycle: 4 to 6 months
    • Media: Synthetic
    • Micron Rating: 3-Microns
    • Warranty: 1- year manufacturer
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