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The Filtakleen FIL-358 W Bypass Oil Filter is designed to be used in conjunction with the main in-line filter. The unit continuously filters a percentage of the oil, typically 10%, in the circuit which means it is able to provide additional filtration to a much finer tolerance than the particulate filter. This greatly prolongs the life of both the oil and the main filter itself.

The filter housing is manufactured as a one-piece aluminum anodized body that is powder-coated, making it suitable for all environments, and offering total durability. The lid is secured by a single high tensile bolt which makes lid removal and filter changing quick and easy. The lid houses a quad-ring seal giving completely leakproof sealing.


* Kit includes 2 Gates hoses and 4 stainless steel hydraulic hose clamps.


Replacement Cartridge: FIL-C58

Filtakleen FIL-358 W Bypass Oil Filter

SKU: FIL-358 W
    • Housing: Powder-coated anodized aluminum
    • Filter Media: Cellulose fiber, cardboard, and nylon
    • Replacement Cartridge: FIL-C58
    • Micron Rating: 1 micron
    • Size: 6 Quarts
    • Application: Light duty for engine and lube oils
    • Contaminant Reduction: Removes up to 100% of water
    • Warranty: 1-year manufacturer
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