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Filtakleen Bypass Hydraulic Oil Filters permanently maintain hydraulic oil at ISO 14/11 H20=<0.05%. The Filtakleen system can be either installed directly onto the machine or used as an off-line cleaning rig to purify the oil. The benefits to the oil and machine are two-fold: Ultra-fine Debris removal down to 1 micron which, is generally missed by the primary 10-micron filter.


How does the Filtakleen Filter work?


Oil enters the Filter via the inlet point and passes up through the core of the filter. The oil then percolates slowly down the filter medium through the outlet and is returned to the system. Systems for hydraulic oils will have a pressure-reducing manifold fitted to the bottom of the filter body. This reduces the high pressure of hydraulic rating pressure of the Filter.


* Kit includes 2 Gates hoses and 4 stainless steel hydraulic hose clamps.


Replacement Cartridge: FIL-C78

Filtakleen FIL-HY778 Bypass Oil Filter

    • Housing: Powder-coated anodized aluminum
    • Filter Media: Cellulose fiber, cardboard, and nylon
    • Replacement Cartridge: FIL-C78
    • Cartridge Life: 9,000 miles or 3 months
    • Micron Rating: 1 micron
    • Size: Up to 25 gallons
    • Application: Medium duty for hydraulics
    • Contaminant Reduction: Removes up to 100% of water and solid particulates
    • Warranty: 1-year manufacturer
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