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Capacity up to 800 Gallons


The Filtamax Bypass filtration system is an effective solution that can significantly minimize oil waste and lengthen routine oil change intervals. This ultra-fine, One-micron Bypass filtration system is versatile and suitable for various industries, providing superior filtration protection against rust, contaminants, oil degradation, corrosion, water, and system wear.


By working alongside the equipment's full-flow filter, Filtamax Bypass Oil Filter eliminates destructive wear commonly caused by particles that bypass the OEM filter, while also reducing corrosive acid accumulation in engine oils that occurs during regular engine use.

Filtamax FMH-988

SKU: FMH-988

    The Filtamax By-Pass Oil Filter collaborates with the primary full flow filter by diverting a flow of 4-6 quarts of oil per minute from the lubrication system into the Filtamax container. This streamlined flow undergoes filtration down to 1 micron while passing through the Filtamax's copyrighted filter cartridge.

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